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Astrarka ?

Etymologically speaking the term “astra” refers to a weapon, charm or a magic incantation, which delivers great power and energy to accomplish the impossible. In “Surya Sahasranama” [the 1008 names of the Sun God], we come across the name “arka” which roughly translates to “someone who dispels darkness [of ignorance] by spreading the light [of learning]“. The Astrarkan Sun logo represents a white core at the centre [knowledge], which spreads itself into 28 spokes, representing the 7 colors of the rainbow. We are Astrarka. The primary idea is to ensure that every child – irrespective of its economic stature – gets access to quality learning platform. The Astrarkans are a passionate lot about researching alternate paradigms of learning through a blend of story telling, game and role playing, meaning imageries and alternate representation that aid in deeper understanding. We dedicate ourselves to this mission.


We, The Astrarkans

We are Astrarka, a start up in the Education sector. We provide differentiated learning platforms enabling educational content delivery through animation films. video classroom recordings, books and mobile applications. The plan is to offer alternative learning platforms for all school children from primary to high school and higher secondary school levels. The platforms are designed to enrich conceptual understanding and build strong foundations. We believe that an alternative approach via an edutainment platform and a story-based learning paradigm will aid in offering the child with a robust alternative to the existing approaches.

We plan to start posting product updates and plans; reviews and customer feedback on this blog. Stay tuned.

Thanks for your patience, time and kind consideration.


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