Astrarka ?

Etymologically speaking the term “astra” refers to a weapon, charm or a magic incantation, which delivers great power and energy to accomplish the impossible. In “Surya Sahasranama” [the 1008 names of the Sun God], we come across the name “arka” which roughly translates to “someone who dispels darkness [of ignorance] by spreading the light [of learning]“. The Astrarkan Sun logo represents a white core at the centre [knowledge], which spreads itself into 28 spokes, representing the 7 colors of the rainbow. We are Astrarka. The primary idea is to ensure that every child – irrespective of its economic stature – gets access to quality learning platform. The Astrarkans are a passionate lot about researching alternate paradigms of learning through a blend of story telling, game and role playing, meaning imageries and alternate representation that aid in deeper understanding. We dedicate ourselves to this mission.


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