Astrarka launches its e-books on NOOK and Kindle; iPAD to follow

Astrarka released its first set of e-books on Barnes and Noble Nook Bookstore and The first book on Amazon Kindle store has gone online as well. The e-books are available in PDF, e-PUB and Kindle formats. We are exploring the possibility of working with other online content aggregators as well. If there is a specific e-reader platform of interest to you, please drop us a note. SONY e-Reader support may take us some more time.  While SONY says that it will support e-PUB format [and this is good news to us :)], the process of engaging with them as content providers may take a few weeks.. Our intent is to make these books available at $2.99. Our channel partners may decide to add a mark-up to account for their overheads, such as enabling wireless delivery to your readers. We believe that such a uniform pricing strategy helps us to address the market needs globally.

Date 8/22/2011: Astrarka – Products for Excellence in Math and Science

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