We are on iTunes Store

Our books are now available on iTunes store for immediate download:

Three more titles are in the pipeline.  These books are in e-PUB format. We have refrained using images to represent Math elements – such as equations and tables. This  will ensure that the equations and formulas  scale with the font size you choose. This feature will provide you with an enriched reading experience.All the books are priced at $2.99.  For details about our products, please visit our store front. You feedback is vital to our business success. Please send us a note with your inputs.

Astrarka launches its e-books on NOOK and Kindle; iPAD to follow

Astrarka released its first set of e-books on Barnes and Noble Nook Bookstore and lulu.com. The first book on Amazon Kindle store has gone online as well. The e-books are available in PDF, e-PUB and Kindle formats. We are exploring the possibility of working with other online content aggregators as well. If there is a specific e-reader platform of interest to you, please drop us a note. SONY e-Reader support may take us some more time.  While SONY says that it will support e-PUB format [and this is good news to us :)], the process of engaging with them as content providers may take a few weeks.. Our intent is to make these books available at $2.99. Our channel partners may decide to add a mark-up to account for their overheads, such as enabling wireless delivery to your readers. We believe that such a uniform pricing strategy helps us to address the market needs globally.

Date 8/22/2011: Astrarka – Products for Excellence in Math and Science

Towards an e-Book world

We have decided to go online with all our books. We will start investing on our e-Book strategy rather than print. We have taken a first baby steps in this journey. Our DRM’d PDF books are available for immediate download on http://www.lulu.com/. You may go our store front on lulu @ http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=39890943 . In parallel, looking at ways to provide an integrated DRM / Shopping Cart / instant download capability on http://www.astrarka.com . We believe that we zeroed in on our DRM capability provider. Testing of the flow is underway. Once this is done, our customers would be able to download our books from our website. We will continue to accept major credit cards through our IPG providers EBS and CCAvenue.

We will offer our books in ePUB and MOBI formats. This will ensure that our content is available across a variety of e-reader platforms ranging from iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony and others. Our target is to go online by mid August 2011. We will keep you posted as we make progress. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.

Astrarka ?

Etymologically speaking the term “astra” refers to a weapon, charm or a magic incantation, which delivers great power and energy to accomplish the impossible. In “Surya Sahasranama” [the 1008 names of the Sun God], we come across the name “arka” which roughly translates to “someone who dispels darkness [of ignorance] by spreading the light [of learning]“. The Astrarkan Sun logo represents a white core at the centre [knowledge], which spreads itself into 28 spokes, representing the 7 colors of the rainbow. We are Astrarka. The primary idea is to ensure that every child – irrespective of its economic stature – gets access to quality learning platform. The Astrarkans are a passionate lot about researching alternate paradigms of learning through a blend of story telling, game and role playing, meaning imageries and alternate representation that aid in deeper understanding. We dedicate ourselves to this mission.


We, The Astrarkans

We are Astrarka, a start up in the Education sector. We provide differentiated learning platforms enabling educational content delivery through animation films. video classroom recordings, books and mobile applications. The plan is to offer alternative learning platforms for all school children from primary to high school and higher secondary school levels. The platforms are designed to enrich conceptual understanding and build strong foundations. We believe that an alternative approach via an edutainment platform and a story-based learning paradigm will aid in offering the child with a robust alternative to the existing approaches.

We plan to start posting product updates and plans; reviews and customer feedback on this blog. Stay tuned.

Thanks for your patience, time and kind consideration.


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